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If you are someone who plays online casino games regularly, now and then, you might want to give different kinds of games a shot. The same old slot game format can get quite repetitive. But when you play online casino games on the Luckyniki Casino platform, India’s most trusted, safe, and secure online casino portal, you can always shake things up a little by choosing from a variety of different kinds of casino games. One such game is 1000X Busta that will make your time worth the while.


It is fun, it is different, and it is oh so refreshing – we’re hooked! And in this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about the game, its interesting gameplay, and features as well as the graphics and the soundtrack. We will also share a few important tips and tricks that will help you win big in 1000X Busta!

What is 1000X Busta?

1000X Busta is a crypto inspired, bust mechanic casino game, which until recently could be played only using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, the developers at 4ThePlayer decided to widen the player base of the game by releasing a version of the game based on regular currency for casino portals. What this essentially means is that players can play this game on casino portals such as Lucky Niki without having to deal with the hassle of cryptocurrencies.

Now on to what the game actually entails. Well, the premise of the game is quite simple and honestly, it is highly likely that you have encountered such a game earlier as well. But sometimes it is the simple games that completely win you over, and you can’t seem to get enough of them, right? 1000X Busta is a similar experience. To win big in this game at LuckyNiki, you simply need to watch the multiplier graph climb, anticipate the moment when it will stop climbing, and cash out right before going ‘Busta’.

Theme, Soundtrack, and Graphics:

Before you set out to play 1000X Busta, let us set your expectations straight. If you have been playing other slot games on Lucky Niki, that have an elaborate backstory that is conveyed through breathtaking graphics and compelling soundtracks, 1000X Busta will disappoint you in that regard. 1000X Busta has no intriguing story setting the stage, nor does it have an orchestral soundtrack to titillate your senses.

It is a simple, straight to the point kind of game which doesn’t involve elaborate visual graphics and soundtracks. The gameplay of the game is pretty straightforward but has the potential to get you hooked to nerve-wracking action unfolding on the screen. 1000X Busta on the Luckyniki Casino platform can be enjoyed on both handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop devices.

How to play 1000X Busta?

Moving on from the theme, audio, and visual aspects of the game, let’s take a look at how the game is played.

The betting amount on 1000X Busta ranges anywhere between 10p to about £1,000 per round. But when you play 1000X Busta on Lucky Niki, you can place your bets in INR, without worrying about the conversions and the wide betting range is perfect for people who prefer to place smaller bets and also the ones who like to go all-in with big bets.

The gameplay screen is divided into two parts. On the top of your left-hand side, you will find the multiplier graph, and right below that are three sections. The red section is where you would be choosing your bet size, in the green section, you will be setting your target multiplier and the blue section is where you get to choose your payouts.

Your multiplier targets can be anywhere between 1.01X to 1,000X, however, the maximum payout is capped at an upper value of £250,000. This game at LuckyNiki offers a slightly higher than average RTP of 97% and the multiplier can go as high as 1,000X.

But let’s talk about what’s on the right-hand side of your screen. On the right, you will find a detailed game history and all the important statistics that make keeping track of your gaming history very convenient.

Once you’re all set to start the game, click on the “Start” button on the LuckyNiki App or website and watch your multiplier graph climb slowly. As the drama unfolds on your screen, the “Start” button is replaced with a yellow button with “Cash Out At” written on it. Clicking on this button will enable you to pull the plug at any given time and cash out before the multiplier starts to plummet.

And that’s how you play 1000X Busta – easy and fuss-free!

The Bonus Features:

As simple and fuss-free as 1000X Busta is, it hardly comes as a surprise that it doesn’t offer any elaborate bonus features. And in all honestly, you don’t need any fancy and complicated bonus features to truly enjoy the game either.

The only feature that you really need is already in place, and you’ll probably find yourselves using it quite often – the ability to cash out prematurely. However, all of that depends upon how high your target levels are set.

There’s a fast play option in the game, which you can activate by clicking or tapping on the icon LuckyNiki App/Website with double arrows that temporarily locks in your ability to cash out prematurely. Keep this in mind while you play the game and use it ever so carefully.

Another feature, which can’t really be called a bonus feature, is the Auto Play function. It is an elaborate feature that offers three different preset functions:

–        Double Up on Win, which doubles up your target multipliers upon clocking in every win.

–   The Double Up on Loss preset, which, as the name suggests doubles up your target multiplier every time you lose a bet.

–        Slow Grow preset doesn’t double up your target but slowly grows them at a steady pace.

You can completely customize these presets to suit your gaming style and requirements while saving your manually configured presets in your user profile at LuckyNiki casino so that you don’t have to perform the setup again and again. These preset functions deliver a highly customizable and flexible gaming experience, allowing you to experiment with different settings before choosing your favourite ones.

Place Real Bets:

If you have already played the Bitcoin version of this game, you’re probably all set to dive right in at LuckyNiki and start placing real bets with real money. You will be able to easily navigate the gameplay and understanding the few different rules of the game will not be as big a deal for you. However, don’t get disheartened if this is the first time you are playing something like this. The developers at 4ThePlayer have kept your needs in mind too!

Play Free Demo:

For beginners, 1000X Busta also offers the ability to play a free demo version of the game, and we highly recommend taking this route before upgrading to real bets. By playing the free demo versions first, you can gain confidence and hone your skills before risking real money. Pretty convenient, right?

Tips and tricks to win big at 1000X Busta:

Now, you might think that this being an arcade game, all of it depends on your luck. But that’s only partially correct. While a lot of it really depends upon luck, a lot also depends upon how you approach the game. Here’s are a few tips and tricks, straight from the horse’s mouth that can help you win big at 1000X Busta!

  • Read the rules. Do not, at any cost, skip this! When you start playing the game at Lucky Niki and the gameplay takes you through a series of game rules and features, pay attention! Only by knowing the rules will you be able to use them to your benefit and win big in the game!
  • Anticipate the movement of the curve. Once you understand the rules of the game, begin by setting your bets and your target multiplier, to the point where you anticipate the curve to reach. Go for smaller wins, as it has been observed that big wins in 1000X Busta are rare to come by. So it is better to prevent any frustration by giving yourselves the pleasure of multiple small wins along the way.
  • Observe. After choosing your bet size, press the “Bet” button on the Luckyniki App and patiently observe how the curve climbs. This will provide you with valuable insights as to how the curve performs, which will come in handy during your next bets.
  • Feel free to cash out anytime. It is extremely important to listen to your intuition. If, after placing your bet, you are not sure if the curve will reach the goal, don’t hesitate to cash out before it starts to plummet down. This feature is present in the game to protect the players from losing sizeable sums of money, so use it to your advantage.
  • Free games before real bets. Playing a lot of free games before you begin to bet real money is a great way to ensure that you understand the rules and features of the game correctly. As you begin to gain confidence, you can slowly and steadily start betting real money.
  • Use the welcome Luckyniki Bonus wisely. When you get registered on the Luckyniki platform, you are welcomed with a hefty Luckyniki Bonus! But using it well and to your advantage is up to you. Don’t end up wasting all the bonus while you are still trying to get a hang of the game. Instead, use it wisely to build up your game account balance.
  • Remember, it’s just a game. Don’t get carried away. Always keep an eye on the bigger picture. You’re here to have fun! If you are having a particularly unlucky session, simply stop and terminate the game. Going all-in, in the hopes of cracking a big win, hardly ever works! Cut your losses while you still can and come back later!
  • Enjoy the game responsibly. How? By starting out with smaller bets on Luckyniki casino and gradually increasing the stakes. Also, setting up and sticking to a betting budget for each session is a wonderful idea. (Pro Tip: Always keep your game account balance in mind and once it drops to 2/3rd of its value at the beginning of the session, stop playing for that day.)

The tips and tricks mentioned above can help you minimize the losses and maximize the wins. Try to incorporate them into your playing style in such a way that you don’t have to consciously think about them – they just seamlessly flow into your gaming sessions at Lucky Niki, making them even more enjoyable and enriching!


The real pull of 1000X Busta doesn’t lie in the promise of “bumper wins” in the future, neither does it have the big and unpredictable “blink, and you’ll miss” intrigue going on for it. But what will definitely draw you to Lucky Niki, is this game’s simplicity. The nerve-wracking, teeth-grinding feeling where you want to avoid an enormous loss at all costs. It will keep you engaged and at the edge of your seat all the time. It is a great breather in between two slot game sprees. Trust us, you’ll have a renewed appreciation for the regular slot games when you go back to playing them after this game.

What a time to be alive! Feel like binging on pizza today? There’s an app! Want to go on a shopping spree? There’s an app for it too! Want to indulge in a quintessential, adrenaline-filled casino experience? Well, you guessed it – there Luckyniki app for it! Thanks to the safe and reliable web portal, you can now bring the casino home and enjoy fun and exciting game days anytime, all while being a thorough couch potato – or even when you are on the go!

Now you don’t have to keep mindlessly scrolling through your social media apps when you have some time to kill. Put your time to better use and play thousands of casino-inspired games at Luckyniki. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered and check out 1000X Busta at Lucky Niki casino today!


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