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If you can’t go to the casino, bring the casino home, right? That is exactly what Lucky Niki has to offer – an online casino, LuckyNiki is a fantastic option for playing casino games from the comfort of your home. You may even end up winning the LuckyNiki Bonus!


Because of the potential the market holds, new ideas are being poured regularly, to keep people hooked. It has been recognized that slot games tend to intrigue the younger chunks of our population; they are popular, simple, and highly rewarding. Lucky for us, they have been legalized in India and are available at LuckyNiki casino!



Let’s talk about what’s trending in the market these days. Besides Immoral Romance, Starburst and Mega Fortune from some of the top Casinos, Book of Dead slots, a game by Play N Go is also breaking the internet today. As the names suggest, these slot games have more to them than just spins and bets and win. They all have stories to tell. That’s what brings us to the Book of Dead. Just the sound of it is so interesting! It automatically makes you want to know more. And once you see the graphics for this game at Lucky Niki, you won’t be able to resist the urge to give it a shot. Its Egyptian theme, an abundance of gold and jewels, treasures and artifacts of the Egyptian civilization, and the mystical aura of the game will make you want to get lost in it.

The Book of Dead

Slot games come with interesting themes and narratives. Ever since we studied civilizations in school, you have to agree, Egyptians and their unique ways have always been fascinating. Based on similar themes is Book of Dead on LuckyNiki, a slot game that has gained popularity online! With pharaohs and their tombs, the mysterious auditory effects, and a highly common 5-reel, 3 rows slots combination, it is THE game you need to try!


Let’s dive in a little to get a taste of its amusing storyline and be sure to tune into the game on the LuckyNiki App. On the hunt for treasures and archaic article, Rich Wilde travels across the globe, seeking adventure and thrill. With his arrival into the underworld, he stumbles across the Egyptian God of Afterlife – jackal-headed Anubis, and Phoenix the Pharaoh. If you pay attention to the paytable, the characters and symbols have been adorned in the riches of gold and exquisite jewels. Not to forget, the complimenting background music that enhances the experience while gaming at Lucky Niki and adds to the suspense.


We Indians love features! We sure know how to assess quality based on the extras that we get from literally anything and everything. That is exactly what will make you fall in love with this game! Besides its remarkable plot and high volatility, the Book of Dead offers incentives that are hard to resist. More the risk, the bigger the reward and the greater the thrill. To add on, there is the multiplier option, the free spins, and appealing bonuses available – be sure to keep an eye out for the much-famed LuckyNiki Bonus. The best part is that it can be played on your mobile phone, even when you are on the run!


All you need to know about the game


Okay, how about we get into the details after we have understood how the game is played in the first place? It’s as simple as it can get. As mentioned before, the Book of Dead on LuckyNiki casino has 5-reel, 3-row slots with a total of 10 adjustable pay lines, this being a conventional slot system, the process fairly simple too.


You can start by understanding the combinations that can land you wins, the RTP (which for this game is 96.26), and taking a couple of trials. Once you are familiar with the game, it’s time to go ahead and load this game at LuckyNiki and decide what your bet size would be for each of the 10 lines. To give you an idea, upon betting about 0.2 per line, your total bet for 10 lines would equal 2. After fixing up a budget for yourself, you are good to go! Spin away!


It’s also very important to go over the settings on the LuckyNiki App/ Website once, which will be your complete guide to the game. You can access information regarding the rules, paytable symbols, autoplay, etc., in the game menu. Your auto bet, left-hand play mode, or fast play options, all can be adjusted from here. If you don’t want to disturb people around you and want to control the sound, you know where to go!




Now, let’s discuss the bonuses and payouts, and also check out how Free Spins work! To land yourself ten bonus games, you need to get three or more scatters across the reels. The best part is that as additional prizes you can unlock some of the biggest prizes and the LuckyNiki Bonus while playing. Speaking of the Free Spin, as rare as they are to get, they can be really profitable. All good things take time!


It goes without saying that the chances of winning increase by playing more. Moreover, it enables bigger prizes for you too. So play wisely and try your luck! Play it at home or while on the go and bored out of your wits. This is a perfect way to bust your stress and win.


Let’s win this


Now we all know gambling at any online casino like LuckyNiki isn’t all about luck. It is a skill indeed. Unravelling the hidden secrets of a slot is pure genius. Here are some parameters you might want to study!


Always check the volatility, as we know it is high for The Book of Dead. After studying the trends, the following statistics were found–

  • The game has a volatility of 11.87/20 which is pretty high.
  • The cycles are pretty high too, and the wagering of the slot machine is about 1.23/10.
  • Now here’s something, every 177th spin is highly likely to land you a bonus (something to remember definitely!).
  • The probability of winning is 29.08%.


It is suggested that you choose an optimal stake, preferably 500x lesser than the bankroll. What’s amazing is, that you can change your bets at Lucky Niki while in the session. So, it would be wise to lower the best after a big win, even by half. You always have an option to raise it to post 20-30 spins.


What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and register on LuckyNiki casino to get started with your gaming journey!


To avoid losses, here are a few simple tricks:

  • ‘Always follow the bankroll’, make this your mantra.
  • Play until your game account increases by 30-40% or more and understand when it’s time to stop.
  • When your bankroll decreases to about 2/3rd, it’s time to stop. Since the rule is, the more, the better, making 200 spins might do you some good, but that is only if you keep a track of your bankroll.

Now, the more tricks you can adhere to, the better the results would be. Be wise, you got this! Start with smaller bets at LuckyNiki Casino till you get acquainted with the game and gradually raise the stakes.

Time to go and check it out

On a concluding note, we are all very fortunate to exist in a world where everything is available at the click of a button, even the experience of the Online Casino! Our LuckyNiki App & website ensures your safety, as all operations are completely legal and aligned with Indian laws. You can now sit back, relax and try a mix of luck and strategy to keep your life exciting and not waste even a minute to boredom only at LuckyNiki. Who knows – you may even stand the chance to win the LuckyNiki Bonus!