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Playing games with a fruit theme has always been your sweet spot? Slots are something that excites you? Imagine having both these things clubbed together. It will be just WOW, right?

We are here with another loved game at LuckyNiki – Fruit Shop Slot game.


NetEnt’s Fruit Shop Slot Game on Lucky Niki, the popular online casino in India, offers you a chance to explore this amazing game on the Luckyniki App and Website. This classic game has the essence of the arcade game matched with a modern, dynamic and colourful video slot. Being part of the Smart Range game family by NetEntertainment, the Fruit Shop slot offers less buffering time and more entertaining time!

Play Fruit shop slot game on your phone, laptop, PC, android and Mac devices while having a safe and fun gaming experience. Read along and find out more about the game’s setting, gameplay and rules at LuckyNiki casino along with some insightful tips and tricks that will help you win big!


What is the game?

The name of the game says it all!


From the squad of NetEnt (which is quite obsessed with fruits and slots!), here’s another masterpiece that features a fun and quirky fruit themed slot game – Fruit Shop. All things slot is something that NetEnt enjoys and one can figure that out from their range of previous offerings on LuckyNiki! Having beautiful and attractive slot games and designs is what they specialize in, and it can be very well perceived from their work!


A mix of old arcade games with the latest technology and designs is what the Fruit Shop slot game is all about! Bringing back the classic with a twist is what makes this game unique and loved among the players. The easy to use, smooth and simple gameplay is yet another reason why beginners and masters both can enjoy this game at Lucky Niki from any place. Released back in 2013, still, the game holds the same number of fans and receives immense love!


The visuals in the game have a mix of cartoonish vibrant fruits and complementing card icons along with the features that are dumped between various spins within the Fruit Shop Slot machine. There is an energetic and upbeat feel to the game at LuckyNiki casino that makes it more interesting, and the excitement while seeing the reels spin and multiple wins being withdrawn is just bliss!


If you want to bag small and big wins, your aim should be to land a winning symbol combination in the 5 reels and 15 pay lines that originate from the leftmost reel and hit the right. Find the winning combinations and payout detail in the paytable. The game also comprises 3 bonus features – Wild, Multiplier and Free Spins. Having these features within your winning combinations will pull in fruity wins. We will discuss each of these features in detail as we move along in the blog.


Theme, Soundtrack, and Graphics:

If you love a simplistic approach and looking for a fun game that is light on the brain, Fruit Shop on the LuckyNiki App is your way to go!

NetEnt has done an amazing job when it comes to the visuals, sound quality and designs of the game. It is overall a treat and is super easy to use, which is why it has gained so much popularity.


Visuals and Animation:

Imagine this – A fruit shop window showcasing different types of fruits in vibrant colours, that are complemented with light blue colour card icons that make the visual appeal top-notch while keeping it classy and simple. Quite fascinating, right?


The overall game at LuckyNiki has vibrant, bright and light colours, whereas to make it fun at the same time, you discover that the fruits and card icons have quite a funky and cartoonish look. In-game, when you avail of the free spin feature at LuckyNiki casino, a window pops up, and you will notice a change in colour and music.



The sounds used in the game are upbeat and full of tunes that make playing more fun. In the normal round of the game, you will notice slow music in the background while the animation sounds like reels moving, button click and coins rattling are more prominent.

Whereas, when you get free spins or any other feature on Lucky Niki, the sound is cheerful and uplifting as compared to the normal rounds of spin.


Every win has a different sound effect within the game, which makes it more appealing because who doesn’t love a big win?



How to play the Fruit Shop slot game?

To start with, the game Fruit Shop has 3 rows, 5 reels and 15 pay lines. Don’t let the numbers frighten you, as the gameplay is quite easy, and a beginner at slot can play it just like a master does. The game comes with a total of 11 symbols that includes fruit symbols like Lemons, Cherries, Plums, Watermelons, Oranges and five-card icons along with the wild logo. Start playing this amazing slot game on the LuckyNiki App/ Website by wagering a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $150 for every spin.


  1. The game starts right after you place your wager and hit the spin button in the centre of the screen. If you don’t wish to click the spin button for each round, you can select the autoplay option placed right next to the spin button and lay back while the game automatically spins the reel till your desired bets.
  2. This game has to be played just the way you play other slots on LuckyNiki and land winning combinations that get you a win.
  3. In a round, if you land the higher symbols/ feature within your winning combination, you get free spins to use along with a multiplier on the winnings; that increases your payout.
  4. Try to land 3, 4, 5 cherries in a winning combination to grab 1, 2 or 5 additional spins. Aim for the same with other fruits like lemon, plum, watermelon, and orange and land 3, 4, 5 of them to win  1, 2, 5 free spins.
  5. The Wild symbol is the biggest game-changer of this game on the Luckyniki casino and having a good combination can get you good wins. Having cherries fill the reel gets you a win of 2000X your wager and if you score this win during a bonus round a 4x multiplier comes into play and your winning hikes to a whopping of 8000X your wager. So, the higher you bet, the higher you win.


Ps: Land as many fruit symbols as you can as they are high-rewarding and keep an eye out for the wild symbol while playing at Lucky Niki as it launches the bonus round and multiplier that gets you a big win.


Here is the list of symbols that can get you bonuses, depending on your wager-


Symbol 5 of them 4 of them 3 of them
10 50 10 5
J 60 15 5
Q 75 20 5
K 60 15 10
A 75 20 5
Watermelons 200 75 15
Lemons 750 125 20
Oranges 500 100 20
Plums 1000 150 25
Cherries 2000 300 25


They have designed the interface of the game in a way that allows you to access all the gaming buttons quite easily. To spin the reel, click the centre button, the option of autoplay and max bet is placed on the left and right side of the spin button. You can adjust the coin value and level through the buttons placed on the bottom section.


Features of the game

As compared to other slots, there are few features that this game offers, but it has features that make the game interesting and will get you at the end of your chair. The game has in total 3 features that a player can take advantage of in order to up-level their game.


Wild – This feature is depicted by the fruit shop game logo, and is usually found on the 2, 3, and 4 reels. This feature replaces other symbols to form a winning combination at the time of free spins and activates the 2x multiplier.


Multiplier – This feature is activated during the free spins round and with the wild. The multiplier can start from 1x and go as high as 4x of the points in that round. If this feature is activated along with wild, you can see a 2x multiplier effect on the winning; with free spins bonus round, the results can be 1x to 4x.


Free Spins – This is the most frequent bonus feature that can be availed during a win in the base rounds. Three or more identical symbols form a win and then results in free spins. The number of spins depends on the symbols found on the reels; and during the free spin round, one can see a multiplier effect on the payouts, ranging from 1x to 4x.


 RTP & Volatility

The RTP of Fruit Shop is a good 96.71%. An RTP as good as this means you stand a high chance of winning with an RTP over the industry average. As the game features free spins a lot, your chances of having frequent wins increase, so while playing at LuckyNiki you must place your bets on the paylines wisely in order to bag more wins.


When it comes to volatility, the game has low to medium volatility, which means you can see frequent small and big wins. Do you know what this means for you? The more you play, the more you win!

So, if you have a bigger budget and time bandwidth, try out the popular Fruit Shop game at LuckyNiki casino and grab wins as and when they come.


Tips to win the Fruit Shop!


When it comes to slots, there are no set ways that can guarantee or get you a win. Everything depends on luck, and as you know, luck is unpredictable. But what you can do instead while playing at Luckyniki casino is place your bets wisely which lets you have good wins without paying a lot.


  • Place responsible and smart bets. Winning and losing will come along the way, so don’t let your greed overpower and make you place bets that result in losses that you can’t afford!
  • Learn the rules and then play the game. This blog has covered most of the information, but it’s advisable that you go through the rules of the game to know of any silver lining before investing money.
  • Try using all the bonuses that come along the way. Grab the LuckyNiki bonus to make your gameplay strong.
  • Stick to the budget and distribute your bets accordingly so that you have enough money to play a longer game.
  • Listen to your gut and if it looks like it’s not your day, listen and back off before you make major losses.


Follow these tips and see your gameplay getting better each day!


Playing Money Train Slot at LuckyNiki casino


Now that you are well-versed in the game and the tips & tricks, the crucial question arises, which casino you must play this game on?


There are thousands of casinos you can try, but we are sure you will come back to LuckyNiki if you have the knack for the best. When you play on our platform, you not only get the best gaming experience, but we reward you with a huge LuckyNiki bonus, many daily offers and free spins.


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All in all, the game seems to be a fair deal with its own sets of pros and cons. Being easy to play is a big pro, but there is room for improvement in the animations as having more 3D and action elements can push the game.

If you want to engage in games that are simple and require little to no mind work, trying your hands on this Fruit Shop Slot Game by NetEnt is a must. Playing it in a safe and trusted casino like LuckyNiki makes it more fun as you can also get your hands on additional bonuses that uplift your gaming experience.

Did anyone say bonus? You have to check out the amazing LuckyNiki bonus that offers you a huge welcome bonus and free spins. So, hop on and try this Fruit Shop Slot game for yourself while enjoying the swift LuckyNiki App and Website interface.