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The Social distancing norms are giving you a hard time being away from your friends? The long video calls are not enough? Want to relive those endless days of joy and fun while playing games you love? Looking for a way to still have fun and stay safe?


Well, we may have something for you that can solve all your worries and give you the time of your life. Even though you can’t be in the same room as your friends or family, you can still have a gala time through the online casino games Lucky Niki has to offer.

Enjoy your favourite card games and casino games on the Luckyniki App and Website from the comfort of your home.


The internet is bombarded with thousands of online casinos, and you must wonder what makes LuckyNiki the best option. Well, there is over one reason, the overall package that LuckyNiki casino has to offer gives the player an experience worth remembering. With this piece of content, we will take you through the various features of the LuckyNiki App and Website.

Features of the LuckyNiki App and Website:

Everything and every person in this world is recognized because of the distance features it has, and there is no difference when it comes to online gambling websites. The various features a

website contains, play a huge role in the decision-making of the players. Keeping this in mind, LuckyNiki has adapted mind-blowing features that makes gambling and gaming a treat!


  1. Design, Sound & Graphics

In the online world where the sense of touch is not an option, pleasing the viewers with engaging and high-quality graphics is the only way to go. If you fail to do so, you have lost the player and its interest. The things that please the eye are the ones that win the game.


The Lucky Niki team knows and understands human psychology, which is why you will find attractive graphics and designs on their LuckyNiki app and website. Everything is accessible easily because of the well-designed UI. When you open the website at first, you will see a video along with our mascot ‘Niki’. Right after that, we have showcased all the important things to be known by the player on the LuckyNiki app and website. The promotions and details about the Luckyniki bonus are available, along with the jackpot winners displayed next. You will also find the types of games along with the payment methods available.


The sounds used on the website, LuckyNiki app and games are of high quality, and can surely get your adrenaline pumped up. The sound quality gives you a feeling of playing at a real casino, which is exceptional. The graphics used within the games are innovative and attractive, which makes it irresistible for the players and in turn, gets the player to try out the game.


Overall, the UI and sound features within the website are a hit.


2. Easy accessibility:

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to interact with things that are easily accessible and fast. When you play at LuckyNiki everything is available to you easily without having to waste much time. You can play games on the LuckyNiki app and website anytime, anywhere, any place, and anyway, you want.


3. Fast & Responsiveness:

The best thing about the LuckyNiki app and website is its speed and adaptability. Whether you are on the go or just sitting on your sofa, you will not have to wait or buffer in order to enjoy your favourite casino game. Isn’t it amazing?


The games developed on Lucky Niki are optimized for multiple devices, including Android, Apple, and Windows. So, if you play the game on your phone, tablet or desktop, you will get a similar feel across all the devices. The games load in just a few seconds and functions with no disturbance. A win-win!


4. Informative:

It is wise to know everything about the company before getting associated with them. At LuckyNiki casino, you will find brief content about everything, starting from about us to our terms and conditions. Being there for our players at each step of their journey is our motto, and we are trying to achieve that by making every piece of information available to them at their convenience which can help solve any problem they might have.


Unlike other casino websites, Lucky Niki emphasizes on safe gameplay and to educate players about that, there is a well-dedicated page for responsible gaming that helps player establish boundaries. To read the content, you can click on the three-line symbol placed at the top left of the LuckyNiki app and website. You can also go to the footer, and you will see the T&Cs, privacy policy, responsible gaming and other pages.


5. Safety & Security Measures

When anyone talks about online gaming, a lot of questions pop up in one’s mind. This is bound to happen, as we are very well aware of the frauds and scams that take place on the internet. If you don’t want to be a part of such scams, always interact with a website or app that is safe and follows security steps. LuckyNiki works towards keeping its players safe from any cyberattack or fraud, which is why we follow the highest level of SSL encrypted security that safeguards your data, and you can enjoy your time with us peacefully.


If you are worried about how your data is being used, you can also visit our privacy policy page that covers even the minute details that you must know.


6. Online Bonuses and Promotions

Due to the pandemic, more than ever, people are engaging and playing at online casinos. The one thing which is better at online casinos than land-based casino is the bonuses and promotions. You can not only enjoy your favourite games without any stress, but you also get rewarded. On the LuckyNiki app and website, players can make the most of the daily offers as well as the huge welcome LuckyNiki bonus of up to ₹1 lakh.


7. Varied gaming options

One of the outstanding features of the LuckyNiki app and Website is the range of gaming options available. Our team at Lucky Niki knows that everyone enjoys different things and games. In order to fulfil most of our players’ needs, we have 2500+ casino games, starting from table games, jackpot games, slot games to unique live casino games. There is something for everyone at LuckyNiki.


8. Easy & Hassle-free registration process:

Are you new to the world of online gambling, or just looking for a switch because of an unpleasant experience? Whatever is the case, you are in the right place.


The world of online gambling can get overwhelming at first. Learning and adapting to multiple things in one go can be daunting, but thanks to the Luckyniki app and website, you can now register and enjoy online gambling in just a few seconds. You just have to follow a three-step simple registration process along with a verification, and you are in.


Registering was never this easy!


9. Efficient search functionality

Ever been in a situation where finding the thing you want seemed like a daunting task and took up most of your time?


We know that feeling, and we see to it that you don’t have to go through it again while gaming. While playing on the LuckyNiki app and website, you have the option to search for the games you want to play so that you don’t have to scroll through the 2500+ gaming option available with us.


10. Compatibility:

Whether you play any casino game at LuckyNiki from a phone, tablet or laptop, the experience will be seamless and eye-pleasing, all thanks to the world-class providers and technology used within the LuckyNiki App and Website.


VIP Lounge area for loyal players:


Loyalty is royalty.

This is what we believe, and we love to reward our loyal customers. There are 3 top levels – Platinum, Diamond, or Red Diamond, and you’ll be a part of the extravaganza if you land in any of them.  On the LuckyNiki app and website, we have a dedicated space for the VIP’s where they get serious pampering, FREE bonuses, quality service, and exceptional benefits.


When you go through the app, it is quite easy to access the benefits and know more about them with just a click of a button. On reaching these top levels you get birthday bonuses, perks and rewards, a dedicated and professional – personal VIP Account Manager, regular invitations to exclusive events and promotion offers, exclusive HUGE bonus offers, and faster payouts.


Reasons to play on the LuckyNiki website

  • Massive welcome bonus of 100 % up to 1 lakh
  • Cash-out within 24 hours
  • Daily Jackpots up to INR 5 million
  • Encrypted with the latest SSL technology
  • Easy to use interface
  • 24 Hours round the clock customer support through email and chat
  • High-performance standards followed after the Japanese legacy
  • Indian Games and an array of 2500+ games
  • Multiple payment options (UPI and Net banking for Indians)


Why must you play on the LuckyNiki App and Website?


If Lucky Niki is one of the casinos that you have stumbled upon, you will immediately figure out that it’s one of those gems. Everything starting from the layout to the gaming options is top-notch. The LuckyNiki app and website layout are simple, innovative and user-friendly, the payment methods are safe and secure, the game options are updated, modern and irresistible, and the complete app and website work in correspondence.


With everything available at the touch of your fingers, it is more than important to stay on the bandwagon and enjoy.  So, what are you waiting for? Register now and make the most of the features available on the LuckyNiki app and Website.