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Online casino sites like Lucky Niki create a safe and trusted environment so that you can freely indulge in these games. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a pro player, LuckyNiki App has games and features that cater to all kinds of audiences. With professional croupiers and games, we are a licensed site that generates a simulation of a real casino that enables players to experience the thrill of gambling while playing remotely. One of the many such exciting games is Mega Wheel that you can play on Lucky Niki Casino.What is Mega Wheel?






What is Mega Wheel

‘Mega Wheel’ is a gripping wheel spinning game hosted by professional anchors. It is based on the popular money wheel concept, and it is played on a massive wheel that contains 54 segments of varied colours, with numbers on them. Each number has a value attached to it. The key concept of the game is very simple and straightforward: all the players contend to foretell the number that the Mega Wheel will stop at and bet on that number. If the wheel stops on the number predicted by the player, he/she wins.

This game offered by the Luckyniki Casino is hosted by experienced presenters and is set in a modern studio. With amazing sound quality, dynamic animations, and gripping visuals the game ensures that you do not miss out on the finer details while completely immersing yourself in the experience. Several other features like autoplay, live chatting, and ‘Bet on all’ make the game even more appealing. Autoplay allows the players to enjoy the game at their own place and the live chatting feature enables them to interact with fellow players. Apart from this, there are several languages and currencies to choose from, making it accessible to people from all parts of the world, including Indians.

The best thing about this game, however, is its simplicity. It has played a vital role in increasing its popularity in such a short time. The entire setup and the hype created before the wheel is spun creates a sense of excitement in the minds of the players.



How to play Mega Wheel?

The game itself is as simple as it can get! Lucky Niki wants you to have a seamless experience and makes sure to bring the best of visuals to you. Hosted by Luckyniki Casino, Mega Wheel is a dynamic game with bright and distinctive colours that catches the attention of the players and makes it visually pleasing and exciting. The orange setting with yellow lights and the live hosts take you into a different dimension altogether. It is thrilling, fun, and leaves you wanting for more.

The Mega wheel, which can be played on the Luckyniki App and website, has 54 segments with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 distributed amongst the segments. Players are allowed to place bets on these numbers. They can either bet on multiple numbers or place their bets on all the numbers together. Each player gets 15 seconds to make their decision before the live host spins the wheel. A player must place at least 1 and up to 9 bets per round.

Numbers and their frequency of appearance on the wheel:

Number Frequency Max. Multiplier Probability
1 20 100x 37.03%
2 13 200x 24.07%
5 7 250x 12.96%
8 4 250x 7.40%
10 4 250x 7.40%
15 2 500x 3.70%
20 2 500x 3.70%
30 1 500x 1.85%
40 1 500x 1.85%


We want you to understand the rules of this simple game before you jump right into it on Luckyniki Casino. The first and foremost rule is that the pay-out is equal to the landing number. For instance, a player bets on the number 8 and the mega wheel lands on the same, the stake is then multiplied by 8. Since the highest number on the wheel is 40, the maximum multiplier naturally becomes 40x. Therefore, the higher numbers don’t appear as many times on the wheel as the lower ones like 1 and 2.

What makes this game on Lucky Niki more exciting is the use of a Random Number Generator each time before the wheel is spun. The Random Number Generator assigns a multiplier value to one lucky random number on the wheel and has the ability to multiply the winning amount up to a startling 500 times of the initial bet. Amazing, right?

We have a diverse collection of games, and Mega Wheel is one of them. We are a platform that offers amazing customer support and offers several features that allow players to play Mega Wheel comfortably from home. We at LuckyNiki also allow you to choose from various payment modes and make easy payments in INR. Additionally, while making the first deposit on Lucky Niki, players stand a chance to win our generous LuckyNiki Bonus of up to ₹1 lakh! How cool is that?

Tips and Tricks to help you win big with Lucky Niki

While luck is central to the game, there are still a few tips and tricks that can give you an upper hand when betting. There is no sure shot mantra of winning in this game, but using these strategies can help you minimize the losses and aim for a LuckyNiki Bonus.

  1. Let go of the greed! The 500x multiplier can be very tempting because of the unbelievable payouts and returns offered by LuckyNiki Casino, but it’s important to remember that it is only available on numbers 15, 20, 30, and 40. So try to place your bets on numbers that may have a relatively low multiplier but higher chances of getting picked.
  2. The power of 2 and 5. The numbers 2 and 5 have the highest likelihood of returning a benefit. Placing your bet on these while expecting a multiplier could result in big wins.
  3. Place your bet on a set of different numbers. You should try to cover at least half the wheel with a selection of different numbers. Don’t place your bets blindly. Lucky Niki suggests that you pay close attention and always take multiplier and probability into consideration before betting.
  4. Use the Advanced Bets Validation feature. Players can use this feature to track previous bets and form a strategy accordingly, increasing their control over the game.
  5. Betting on all numbers. It is a high-risk strategy but also the one that can lead to maximum returns if the multiplier value is in your favour.
  6. Don’t forget that it’s a game of chance. Like any other game of chance, it is advisable to start small and escalate the bets once you get the hang of it. Do not try to rush your win, rather Lucky Niki wants you to make most of this game by enjoying the process and playing responsibly.

The uncomplicated nature of the game allows you to unwind and relax while playing it. You can spend hours playing Mega Wheel on Lucky Niki, an online gaming platform that hosts hundreds of other casino games in addition to Mega Wheel. We have been bringing a safe and trusted casino experience to people’s homes since 2016 and our special LuckyNiki Bonus. It’s time to sit back and watch the mega wheel unravel the thread of excitement and fortune as you enjoy your time on Lucky Niki!