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Imagine this – You are part of a heist, there is a train full of rewards and gold, you are in the surroundings that have the wild west theme, how fascinating is this?


Being part of this is now possible, thanks to the game – Money Train slot by Relax Gaming, which is now available on Lucky Niki, where you are rewarded with some additional in-house bonuses. This game has everything a slot lover would want. Amazing sound, High-quality graphics, blockbuster theme and exciting rewards, whatever you ask for, this game has it all.

Do you know what’s more amazing? You can play this game on your smartphone, laptop, Pc or even tablet by going on the Luckyniki App or Website. It is also compatible with android and Mac users from anywhere in the world. If you want to know more about the game, keep reading as this blog has some amazing information on the game, its functionality, tips & tricks that can help you upgrade your gameplay.


What is the game?


If you have always wanted to be part of a heist, here’s your chance! Powered by the giants of the gaming industry, Relax Gaming has again astonished everyone with its recent development – the Money Train slot game. The game is inspired by Wild West and has a western theme adventure on the LuckyNiki app with a 5×4 reel grid and 40 fixed pay lines. It is available on all devices and players can make the most of the amazing in-game bonus features that make this game more interesting.


As the game revolves around the theme of a heist, the player has to find the gold on the train and steal it to win the game. Within the slot machine, you will get all the items like coal for the train, TNT to make the escape and also bags to fill the stolen gold. On LuckyNiki, the slot machine has various bonus features, and it also has a huge 20,000X bet win, which together put up a big winning amount for the player that manages to reach there.


If this theme and gameplay seemed fascinating, and you have the talent and luck factor that can match up the cowboys to get the gold, hit the register button and get ready for this wild west adventure!


Theme, Soundtrack, and Graphics:


As interesting as the gameplay is, Relax Gaming has left no stone unturned when it comes to the theme, soundtrack, and graphics of the game. The dominant theme of the game on Lucky Niki is cowboys, as you may have guessed from the introduction, but you will come across many characteristics that relate to the classic western adventure movies like sheriffs and saloons.


Overall, they have designed the theme and graphics with attention to detail in mind. While playing this game on the Luckyniki casino website, you will even find graffiti on the train that was a classic in the Wild West. Once you start the game, it all feels like a journey that you are a part of. All the slot elements also give you an experience of western action. Supporting all of it is the sound effect used in the game.


Each action taking place in the game on LuckyNiki has been given an appealing sound effect that makes it seem so real and interesting. The gunshots, train tracks, or hitting a jackpot, everything has a well-thought sound. You can also hear a classic guitar riff from the duels of the cowboys every place in the game.


How to play the Money Train slot game?


The gameplay of the Money Train Slot game on the Lucky Niki website and Luckyniki App features a classic 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed pay line format. All you have to decide is the amount you wish to place as a wager on each spin you play.


You have to play this game just like any other slot game and land identical symbols in a row to have a winning combination. Before you start playing the game at Lucky Niki or any casino, we recommend you to understand the rules for different gameplay details.


Remember – This game has a lot of in-game bonuses that can help you win big, so if you are looking for something big, try to land the special symbols that will get you the free spins and activate the in-game LuckyNiki bonus multipliers. Landing these bonuses will add a good chunk of points to your score, which increases your winning chances.


Here is the list of symbols that can get you bonuses, depending on your wager-


Gunslinger 20x
Red Indian 10x
Mexican 9x
Blue Woman 8x
Spades 2.5x
Hearts 2x
Clubs 1.75x
Diamonds 1.5x


Watch out for these if you want to increase your winning chances!


All the gaming buttons are placed either on the bottom or on the right side of the screen. You can choose to play each turn by clicking on the ‘Play’ button on the Lucky Niki website or LuckyNiki App, or you can also select ‘Autoplay’ for a fixed number of turns. There is also a ‘Bet’ button that helps you adjust your betting amount for each spin. There is a buy feature button on the left corner.


Features of the game


The Money Train game is a high-risk and high-rewarding game that offers multiple bonuses that make playing more fun. You will come across many bonuses while gaming at the LuckyNiki casino, but one of the biggest ones that makes the game stand out is the Money Cart Bonus. Play a few games until you get the hang of these bonuses.


Wild Symbol – This symbol has two rifles pointing towards your enemy. This symbol will replace all other symbols in the slot machine at LuckyNiki, except the bonuses, in order to score more winning combinations and increase your winning chances.


Money Cart Bonus Round – This feature is activated when you land bonus symbols in one go on reels 1, 3 and 5. The 3 symbols will then reveal a bonus – 3 free spins. The free spins will reset to 3 again when a new symbol hits any of the positions.


Persistent Collector – It provides you with a bet multiplier on the Luckyniki App that collects all the visible values on the reels and adds them to your values ​​at the end of that spin and every subsequent spin.


Persistent Payer – It provides you with a bet multiplier and adds it to all symbols visible on the reels for that spin and any subsequent spins.


Payer – It provides you with a bet multiplier that is added to each of the symbols visible on the reels.


Collector – It provides you with a bet multiplier and then adds all the usable value on the reels and adds them to your own value.


Widener – It provides you with a bet multiplier and expands an extra reel, to give you huge rewards on LuckyNiki casino that match up with combinations.


Tumbleweed – This symbol can be seen frequently in the reel but holds no points or bonus rewards.


Money Train RTP & Volatility


The RTP of Money train is a little unusual, as it all depends on your wager. The standard RTP is 96.2%, but if you pay 80X your betting amount to avail of the Money Cart Bonus round on the Luckyniki App/Website, the RTP will jump to an awe-inspiring 98%.


When it comes to volatility, this game is said to be a high-volatility game, which means bagging wins is not frequent in the game. So, for players, this means if you have a big budget and a risk-taking attitude, you can try out this game at any casino or LuckyNiki and bag wins as and when they come.


Tips to win the train filled with gold!


As you may know that winning at slots on LuckyNiki casino is fairly based on luck and there is no rocket science that you can know that can bag you wins. Although, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are staying on the top of the game without making mistakes that can cost you a lot in the long run. Let us have a look at those, and we would recommend you to follow most of them to ensure a safe and happy gaming experience at Lucky Niki India.


  • Make bets according to your budget. It’s better to split the higher amount into smaller bets so that you have more winning chances.
  • Avoid using the autoplay option and try making every spin on your own.
  • Before you play with real money, make sure to check the pay-table to know what you are getting into.
  • Try to win as many bonuses as you can while playing on the LuckyNiki app or website. This game is all about bonuses and if you get most of them frequently, your winning chances are increased.
  • Know when to stop. Irrespective, you are on a winning streak or losing streak, it’s wise to stop the game before you end up losing more than you can afford.
  • Have a pre-decided budget planned before you start with the game. This will help you ensure that you only spend a fixed amount.
  • Try staying consistent with your wager.
  • It is a good idea to keep the volatility of the game in mind at all times when playing on the Luckyniki App/ Website or any other casino.
  • Always keep in mind to understand and go through the rules of the game.


Playing Money Train Slot at LuckyNiki casino


You must have got the gist of the game by this blog, but understanding and feeling that adrenaline rush is only possible when you actually play this game at LuckyNiki India. There are many features that are revealed during the game and along with that we also have new and amazing bonuses we offer our players when they play on our website.


There’s more. If you register now on Lucky Niki, you get to avail yourself of the huge welcome LuckyNiki bonus that many people have eyes on! So, this is a train you probably want to catch while you are with us!




With the world making a shift into the online world, staying active online has become more important than ever. As small as making a transaction to as huge as making a purchase, everything has taken the online plunge and the gaming industry is not far. Many casinos like Lucky Niki have started offering all the classic games as well as some new games. The Money train slot, being a part of the latter, has gained immense popularity and is here to stay!


Being known to the world in 2019, this money train game on LuckyNiki casino has gained a lot of momentum in the online casino world, thanks to its classic and attractive theme, amazing sound quality and high-quality visuals and above it all are the multiple bonus features.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out the new Money Train slot game at LuckyNiki and go get that gold!