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Are the same old mobile and computer games becoming repetitive and boring for you? Are you bored of mindlessly scrolling through your social media and are looking for something thrilling to do with your free time?

Online casino platforms like LuckyNiki are changing the scene of online gaming – for good! They offer millions of interesting casino games to your computer screens so that you can experience and enjoy the thrill and excitement of being at a casino from the comfort of your home!

One such game offered by Lucky Niki is the Moon Princess Slot Game. Inspired by the famous anime culture of Japan, Moon Princess Slot Game is a refreshing take on the OG slot machines that all the casino game players around the world have come to love and enjoy. In this article, we will take you through the premise of the game, its rules, and features, a few tips, and tricks that help crack some big wins.


What is Moon Princess Slot Game?

The lunar-themed Manga inspired Moon Princess Slot Game from Play’n Go offered by the LuckyNiki Casino platform is taken heavily after Japan’s world-famous anime genre. It is a perfect amalgamation of classic slot games and anime-style graphics and soundtrack that make for an amazingly high-octane gaming experience. Not only is the game visually breathtaking but also extremely entertaining – a blend that will get you hooked immediately.

The reel layout of the Moon Princess Slot game features a unique 5X5 position, meaning it drops a whopping 25 symbols with every spin, aka many chances for big wins!

Theme, Soundtrack, and Graphics:

The story of the game is based on the famous TV series Sailor Moon. However, what sets Moon Princess on the LuckyNiki app apart is the impeccable attention to detail when it comes to graphics. Its bold art style and engaging 3D animations coupled with a melodious soundtrack are sure to keep you entertained and engaged throughout your sessions.

In Moon Princess Slot Game, you will be following three powerful princesses that will renew your belief in girl power. With a strikingly beautiful purple background, the famous Manga princess trio – Storm, Star and Love, along with other assorted mystical items as the game symbols.

While you can play the Moon Princess Slot Game on all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, we highly recommend playing the game offered by Lucky Niki on a big screen to truly indulge in the stunning graphics of the game with a vibrant backdrop and vivid symbols.

How to play Moon Princess Slot Game?

The lovely princess trio of Love, Star, and Strom are sure to renew your belief in girl power. In the 5X5 grid of the game, with every win, the winning symbols are replaced with a Moon Wild. This also causes the multiplier to rise by a single point, up to 20X.

The three innovative Girl Power features transform the symbols, destroy symbol sets, and add more wilds to the grid. The powerful Princess Trinity feature applies all the Girl Power features until you score a win! Not just that, there is also an amazing Free Spins feature where you get to play up to 20 free spins with whichever princess you choose!

In Moon Princess Slot Game, the three princesses are the symbols that pay the most. Your stake can be multiplied by 0.3, 1, or even 10 if you achieve the 3, 4, or 5 combinations. Additionally, the Moon Wild symbol that substitutes all the winning symbols as you is one of the most rewarding symbols of the game. It can multiply your stake by 1, 3, or 50 times if you get 3, 4, or 5 combinations across a pay line.

Other symbols include low paying symbols like heart, bell, moon star, and rainbow. The Moon Princess slot game has 5 reels and a staggering 20 pay lines. In order to land winning combinations, you need to get either 3 or 4 or perhaps 5 matching symbols horizontally or vertically in one row.

The bet sizes in this exhilarating game start from just 20p and can go up to £100 per spin. But when you play on the LuckyNiki Casino platform online in India, you can easily place your bets in the Indian currency without having to concern yourself with conversions. The Lucky Niki website is extremely safe and reliable. Your stakes are constantly displayed on the screen, which can be changed at any time so that you can always stay on top of your budget!

Another interesting feature of the Moon Princess Slot Game is the Autoplay function. In Autoplay, you can choose anywhere between 10 to 100 spins that the game will play automatically for you while you simply relax and watch the game unfold. And the last and

probably the most interesting feature of the game is the Lightning Bolt that catapults your game into turbo mode.

The RTP of the game is 96.5% that puts it in the high-variance bracket and lends it a 10/10 on the volatility front, because of the incredible 5000x maximum win.

Other Bonus Features:

The four innovative bonus features of the Moon Princess Slot game are:

  • Symbol Drop feature

Whenever you land the winning combinations, the Symbol Drop feature of the game comes into the picture. This removes the contributing symbols and the remaining symbols come dropping into the empty spaces – giving you more chances to win.

  • Girl Power feature:

The Girl Power bonus feature of the Moon Princess Slot Game on LuckyNiki casino gets randomly triggered on non-winning spins. And helps you win the following combos:

Love Princess: In this, one set of chosen symbols transforms into other symbols.

Star Princess: This adds either one or two Wilds to the grid.

Storm Princess: This one destroys two sets of symbols from the grid.

  • Princess Trinity feature:

When you land winning combinations on the LuckyNiki App that have only princess symbols, it fills up the meter that is displayed on the left-hand side of the grid. Filling this meter completely activates the Princess Trinity feature in which the three princesses Storm, Star and Love trigger multiple wins turn by turn. And when there are no more winning combinations left on the screen, it triggers the Girl Power feature to trigger further wins.

  • Free Spins feature

When you clear the entire grid, the Free Spins feature is activated, where you choose from the following:

4 free spins – Love

5 free spins – Star

8 free spins – Storm

The best part? Drop multipliers do not get reset during these spins, meaning the players stand a chance to win a multiplier of 20X throughout the duration of these spins, making big wins possible and even easier. By matching more princess symbols, you can extend the number of free spins for better money-making possibilities. But there’s more! If you manage to clear the entire grid in free spins, an automatic reward of 100X your stake will be awarded to you!

Try these tips and tricks to win big!

Like other slot games, a lot of your chance to win big on Moon Princess Slot Game heavily depends upon luck. However, when you play on the LuckyNiki platform, you can apply the following tips and tricks to maximize your wins:

  1. Manage your bets responsibly. When you enjoy the casino experience on the LuckyNiki Casino platform from the comfort of your home, you must not get carried away by greed and manage your bet budgets responsibly. It is a good idea to always set a betting budget and then stick to it no matter what. This is extremely important for a delightful gaming session.


  1. Understand the rules. While the gameplay of the Moon Princess Slot game is fairly straightforward, multiple innovative bonus features have a direct effect on your wins and losses. In such a scenario, we highly recommend getting yourself thoroughly acquainted with the rules and regulations of the game before betting with real money.


  1. Play free games first. When you first create an account on the LuckyNiki website or LuckyNiki app, you win a bumper welcome LuckyNiki Bonus. However, it is important to use the bonus wisely. If you are new to the game, we recommend that you first play a few free games and get a hang of how everything works. Instead of wasting your welcome bonus on practice sessions, you can use it to your advantage and score big wins.
  1. Pace your bets. When you first start playing online casino games on Lucky Niki, it is always better to start with smaller bet sizes and slowly increase the stakes as you gain more experience.


Know when you need to stop. If on some day you experience recurring losses, terminate your session, and come back later instead of going all in and losing even more money.


The Moon Princess Slot Game on the LuckyNiki Casino platform has a cult following for a reason. Not only is the game pleasing to the eye, but it also offers exciting new ways to win big, making it worthy of your time and precious betting money. Through its stunning graphics, it affords you a chance to vicariously travel to far-away and exotic lands of Japan – all from your couch, while sipping on some refreshing lemonade!

Register today and get your hands on this exciting game and the huge LuckyNiki bonus all at once!