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Congratulations! You found the ultimate guide to slots. 


If you have been to a land-based casino or even an online casino, a slot machine is a thing that you will easily recognize wherever you see it. Slots have come a long way and surely have gained a lot of fans at LuckyNiki with time. There are several reasons for its popularity and being easy to use is one of the most important ones.


Over the years slot machines at Lucky Niki have seen vast changes, and with the online casino industry on a boom, players can now enjoy and try their hand on different slot machines. You will be shaken by the options available! LuckyNiki casino has something for everyone.


‘Slots are very easy to play and your winning chances depend on luck’. This is what you must have heard a lot of times and indeed it’s true. Slots are designed in a way that gives every player a fair chance at winning. To get in-depth knowledge on slot games, read along.

How do online slots work?


Slots work on a system of Random Number Generator, where every spin on the slot machine is drawn randomly. This system ensures fair gameplay as the chances of winning are random, which gives every player an equal chance at winning.


To win slots on the LuckyNiki App/Website, you as a player need to create lines of identical symbols on an active payline. With the plethora of options available nowadays, there will be some exceptions and modification in the rules depending on the slot machine you are playing on.


The Gameplay and Slot Machine Variations:


Ever since the inception of slot machines, they have come a long way. You can now find and play on various types of slot machines at Lucky Niki starting from 3-reeled, 5-reeled, multi-reel slot machines, Classic Slots, Video Slots, Fruit machines, 3D slots, Progressive slots, Single, multiple pay line slots, as well as the show-stealing jackpot slots.


Even though the gameplay of slots is very simple, it still deserves attention. Follow these steps while playing slots:


  • Go through the structure, symbols, and bonus rounds of the different slots before selecting one.
  • Place a bet according to your budget.
  • Remember that your bet is influenced by the number of paylines.
  • Lastly, spin the slot.


Key Aspects of Slots:


  1. Reels and Rows – These are core elements of any slot machine and the complete game is based on these two things. Earlier the slot machine had a standardized number of only 3 reels but thanks to the power of the internet, at LuckyNiki you can find slot machines with different types of reels and rows.


  1. Paylines – This is where playing slots gets interesting. Every combination of identical symbols that you get on the grid is called a payline. So basically, your winning chances depend on the paylines. When playing at an online casino like Lucky Niki you will find slots with 10, 15, 25, 370, and over 1,000 lines to bet!


  1. Loose and Tight Slots – Loose slots are machines that have an RTP of 97% and higher while Tight slots have an RTP of 90% and lower.


  1. Variance – In a layperson’s language, variance is the factor that determines the winning frequency and winning amount. There are three types of Variance –
  • Low variance provides players with long gaming hours and small winnings. Big wins might take time in such machines.
  • Medium variance is where your chances of winning big are close and often as compared to low variance. Small and average wins keep happening in this type.
  • High variance is where you can win big, but the wins are not frequent which again has a lot of risks. If you want to win fast and big, this is an option but do consider the risk as it can be a big deal.


Bonuses & Features on Online Slot:


Free Spins:

Just like the welcome LuckyNiki bonus and other promotions, free spins are a daily bonus that you can avail on selected games. Every player can collect free spins in different ways like daily promotions, in-game bonus, deposit bonus and more.



Imagine playing slots and ending up with a jackpot, feels amazing right?

At Luckyniki casino, various slot machines offer random jackpots. The jackpot differs in size, and it rarely requires any symbol combination on the reels to be triggered.


Wild Features:

The wild feature on the slot games at LuckyNiki is like a brownie point. Whenever you get this feature on the grid, it covers that entire reel and increases your winning chances. Three types of wild features are activated in the bonus mode or base mode depending on the machine and mode. Stacked, Sticky and expanding are the three types of wild features.



As the name suggests, Multiplier is a feature on the LuckyNiki App/Website that focuses on increasing your winning chances or bonuses. You can avail of this feature in both modes – Base or Bonus depending on the machine.


In the regular/base mode, there is an option to multiply your paylines or ongoing spins. Whereas, in the Bonus/ Free spin mode, you can multiply the reel which will increase your winning amount if you have a winning payline.


Tips/Strategies that can help you win

Keep an eye out for promotions –To keep the players excited about playing online, many casinos like Lucky Niki offer players with customized promotions, daily picks and jackpots. While these bonuses and promotions make your gambling experience more fascinating; some bonuses may be lucrative and help you get started in the long run.


Don’t forget to get your hands on the best Luckyniki Bonus while signing up.


Manage your bankroll properly – When gambling, it is easy to get carried away because of the obvious reasons. But this can burn a hole in your pocket without even you noticing. If you don’t want yourself in this shoe, we say use your money wisely!


Whether you are playing at Luckyniki casino or any other, it is wise and smart to have a pre-planned budget that will give you clarity on your spending limit and help you keep track of your wins and losses.


Know When to Stop – As you are very well aware that gambling comes with many wins and losses. And whether you are winning or losing at any casino or LuckyNiki, it is always best to know when to stop. If you have been winning a lot, don’t let greed make you invest more than you had decided because it will only take a second for all the winnings to convert into losses.


Similarly, it’s best to stop playing if you are on a losing streak as you don’t want to lose a lot.


Play slot games with bonus rounds – Bonus rounds like free spins, multipliers and wilds, can make a vast difference on your bankroll and increase your chances of winning a jackpot with additional spins. Make the most of such bonuses on the LuckyNiki App/Website, whether or not you are placing a maximum bet because multiplying small bets can also add value.


Your bet and paylines go hand in hand – The concept of paylines may seem a little overwhelming, but it is very important when playing slots online and offline. A lot of players ignore paylines while playing slots, but our experts at LuckyNiki casino say that it is one of the biggest you can make. If you play on a 25 paylines slot game and place your bet on only 6 paylines, it is certain that you will not win a big jackpot as your odds have decreased.


Which is the best place to play online slots?


When it comes to slots or any other online games, LuckyNiki casino has a lot to offer. There are a lot of things that make us the best, but amongst it all, our customer priority makes us stand apart. We plan and come up with games and LuckyNiki bonus/promotions that will benefit the players and help them enjoy.


Lastly, just like a roller coaster ride has its ups and downs, gambling also has its ups and downs, but in the end, it’s all worth it! So, we say hop on this adventurous journey at LuckyNiki and get ready to be amazed!